Whether the weather….

12 May

Michael Carroll's house in Panormos.  Apparently he still lives there, though not all year round.

Michael Carroll’s house in Panormos. Apparently he still lives there, though not all year round.

Following our mini-retreat in Panormos, we’ve now moved on to the metropolis of Skopelos Town.
Skopelos Town

Skopelos Town

The town is delightful. It’s slightly smaller than Skiathos and has a similar labyrinth of cobbled alleyways stretching up the hillside from the harbour. The difference between the two towns lies in the absence of brash touristy shops and a far more peaceful ambience. Yes, there are souvenir shops and there are plenty of tavernas to choose from and even one or two trendy bars. It’s just that they don’t seem to dominate the town and, once away from the seafront, you can explore to your hearts content in peace and quiet.

We had intended only being here for a couple of days. The unsettled weather continues and we want to get across the Aegean before a southerly blow comes at the end of next week. We’d come up with a plan to head 6 miles east tomorrow to Patitiri on Alonnisos, then Plan A was to head 60+ miles north east to Limnos across the Aegean with the wind on the beam, with a further 60 miles south east to Lesvos the next day. Plan B involves a shorter blast downwind to Skyros, then a beat north east to Lesvos. I think there was also a Plan C involving Psara and Chios. 😕
However, “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley”…. The local charter skippers and fishermen reckon that it’s going to blow a real hooley tomorrow night and Tuesday, and that Patitiri is not the place to be. The forecasts we’ve poured over all seem to contradict one another, but the common factor is strong north westerlies at some point over the next 48 hours. So this mouse and her man have decided to stay put for now!


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