Ashore on Skopelos

8 May

It was only a 4 mile hop to Loutraki, on the north west corner of Skopelos, a welcome change from the long passages we’ve been undertaking.

The large harbour was almost empty. Only a few fishing boats bobbed gently on the quay and a red sailing yacht was tucked away at anchor in the far corner. We had the whole pontoon to ourselves.

Loutraki is a tiny, sleepy place, consisting of a couple of dozen houses, 2 or 3 cafés, a minimarket and some Roman ruins. The village nestles at the bottom of a steep hill in the shadow of its larger neighbour, Glossa. It didn’t take long to explore… about all of 10 minutes, by which time we thought we deserved a sit-down with an ouzo and the chance to watch the world go by. The next day, however, we put on our intrepid explorer hats and had a trek up the hill to Glossa and down again, followed by a bus trip to the island’s main town, Skopelos.

The return trip through stunning scenery on the west coast not only gave us a preview of all the possible harbours and anchorages on the island, but also allowed us a couple of hours wandering around Skopelos Town in the afternoon sun. But by the time we returned to the boat, there was a distinct change in the weather. The clouds rolled over and the wind was putting a little more effort into joining up the gusts.
A watery sunset over Loutraki marking the change to unsettled weather ahead.

A watery sunset over Loutraki marking the change to unsettled weather ahead.

The forecast for the next week suggests that the stable sunny period that we’ve had for a few weeks is coming to an end for now, with some rain and north easterly wind due soon. Of all the options available, we opted to undergo another mammoth passage of 4 miles to Ormos Panormos for a few days to chill out. This bay is about the most sheltered around here and just happens to be a particularly tranquil spot described so eloquently by Michael Carroll (see blog entry for 4 May) where, deciding that he needed to journey no further, he built his house.

One intrepid explorer...

One intrepid explorer…

And the other...

And the other…


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