Pink jobs & blue jobs

2 May

Under normal circumstances, the division of labour on board Two Choices follows a very traditional, gender-specific, stereotypically sexist pattern. PT mostly takes on the manly maintenance tasks that require screwdriver wielding, technical knowledge and brute strength. Whereas I mostly look after the domestic chores of cooking, cleaning and provisioning. Old-fashioned maybe, but we’ve tried sharing jobs out more evenly, both doing a bit of everything but it didn’t work very well for us so we’ve settled for “pink jobs & blue jobs”.

When we’re on passage, I’m the first mate and navigator & he’s the skipper and sail trimmer. If we’re actually sailing, then there’s usually plenty to keep us both occupied. But if, as we have mostly been doing over the past week or so, we’re motor sailing (i.e. motoring but with the mainsail up to steady the boat and increase the speed a little), then it can get a bit boring. The autohelm takes over, following a preset course and apart for keeping an eye out for hazards like fishing nets or other vessels, I can sit back, put my feet up and read a book. PT, on the other hand, doesn’t DO relax mode at sea! He’s constantly jumping about looking for something to do. Fixing, tweaking, splicing …. and now – CLEANING! 😯

The boat was cleaned and polished within a inch of its life before we launched two weeks ago. she was gorgeously shiney and bright and it seems that the skipper is hell-bent on keeping it that way. The only problems that are getting in the way of this are (1) the scarcity of running water to wash down the decks and rigging, and (2) that nasty substance – SALT! He seems to be coming increasingly upset by the salty layer that inevitably appears when the slightest bit of seawater splashes on the deck and topsides. I’m getting worried here. Not only are my pink jobs being usurped, maybe the next thing will be a suggestion from him that we confine our sailing to freshwater lakes?!

Mr. Mop - don't forget the Marigolds!

Mr. Mop – don’t forget the Marigolds!


2 Responses to “Pink jobs & blue jobs”

  1. shauna bunnell May 2, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    Have another beer PT and chill! x

    • peteandlu May 2, 2013 at 5:50 pm #

      Good idea!

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