22 Apr

We had a busy time in Lefkas with seeing to last minute stuff, now we’re stuffed to the gunwales with food and drink.  Food for the times ahead when provisioning opportunities are limited, and drink for our arrival in Turkey where alcohol is said to be considerably more expensive than it is here in Greece. I wonder how long our 60 litres of wine will last us!?

It was a time for goodbyes and we enjoyed a last supper with friends, followed by a mini-salsa session in the Cuban bar. Great fun, thanks guys 🙂

Lefkas last supper... till September

Lefkas last supper… till September

The next day saw us slip our lines and head the short distance south to Nidri for a rendezvous with Jan & Martin, both celebrating birthdays. Again a lovely meal, this time with musical accompaniment from Ben on guitar and some other random troubadours ;-).

The Birthday Boys - Jan & Martin

The Birthday Boys – Martin & Jan

It wasn’t all play though. PT had had to put out a ‘Pan Pan Electrico’ after accidentally blowing the fuse for the on-board fans. We certainly didn’t want to be heading towards the summer heat with no means of cooling ourselves down; the fans are absolutely essential, in our view. Our hero, Tim came to the rescue and within a short time everything was in working order once more… which then left plenty of time to spend a very enjoyable last evening in the Ionian with Tim & Anna.

So now it’s off to pastures new. With our first longer passage of the season under our belts (unfortunately no proper sailing possible for the whole of the 47 miles due to lack of wind), we’re now gently bobbing at anchor off the Sacred City of Mesolongi.

It seems that there is a growing trend in these blog entries to include a wildlife element. Today’s nature bulletin is, however, a sad one. As we neared the anchorage this evening we spotted the shape of a turtle ahead of us in the water, not unusual for Mesolongi which, I think has a sizeable turtle population. We changed course to avoid it, but, on closer inspection it was futile. The poor creature had already succumbed to a nasty injury. Its carapace was split in two, probably the victim of a collision with a fast-moving vessel. A distressing sight 😦


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