Fast forward

12 Apr

The last entry on here appears to be from July 2012…. When I was attempting to fill in a hiatus from 2011!  You just can’t get the staff these days, or maybe I’m not being paid enough! 😉

So here we are again. We’re coming out of hibernation after our second great winter in Lefkas Marina. We liked the first stay so much that we opted to return again for Winter 2012-13. There’s a lively & friendly community; the town stays open in winter and there is loads to do; the island is beautiful and largely unspoilt, yet having the advantage of a bridge link to the mainland so none of the disadvantages of island isolation; and the marina is about as sheltered as you’re ever going to get.

This winter has flown by. We had a trip back to the UK in the autumn and PT temporarily came out of retirement to top up the cruising kitty between from November to January. I’ve done loads of cycling,culminating in a circumnavigation of the island of Lefkada. I’ve also been battling away at learning to speak Greek, but it’s an uphill struggle! We’ve also spent lots of fun time with friends, old and new. But, even though we very much enjoy the creature comforts and security of marina life during the dark days (and plenty of sunny ones too :-)) of winter, we still relish the challenge of exploring new cruising territory, even if it can be a little nerve-wracking at times. Last summer, 2012, we cruised the Gulf of Corinth, Saronic & Argolic Gulfs before returning to the Ionian round the south coast of the Peloponnese. We also had a blast taking part in the Southern Ionian Rally for the second time.

The broad plan for this summer is to head east to Turkey, visiting the Northern Sporades on the way. We look forward to a visit from Sara in Turkey (hope it’s not too hot for her & us!) Then, largely because of visa issues but also the small matter of Elaine & Gordon flying out to have another go at the Southern Ionian Rally, we’ll be heading back to the Ionian across the Aegean (there be dragons, in the form of the meltemi :?!)and, once again, round the bottom of the Peloponnese. That’s the plan…… the best laid one anyway! In the meantime, it’s back to the antifouling in preparation for launching our nice clean boat.


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