August 2010 – A 230 mile jaunt from Netherbrae to Edinburgh.

7 Dec

Cycling is a recent passion of mine (PT occasionally joins in but without passion!) – call it my mid-life crisis! I like nothing better than taking off on my bike, armed with a map, and exploring. My mad friend, Val is equally enthusiastic, so we decided to indulge ourselves. One fine day in August (actually, it was bucketing with rain) we packed our camping gear and set off for Edinburgh…as you do!

(*Map geeks can click on the links below for more detail of our route :-))

Netherbrae to Stonehaven via NCN1 – 11/8/2010

Stonehaven to Dundee via NCN 1 – 12/8/2010

Dundee to Glenrothes – 13/8/2010

Glenrothes to Edinburgh – 14/8/2010

Midnight swim at the open air pool at Stonehaven, just what you need after cycling 74 miles!

“Come near these sweets and I may get violent!”


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