La Coruna

4 Aug

25 July 2009
I can’t believe that it is now 4 weeks since we arrived in Spain. The time has flown by and my blogging duties have suffered!

Way back when (at the end of June), we spent a few days in La Coruna, recharging ourselves after the Biscay crossing and generally acclimatising to the Spanish pace of life.

Two Choices, third from left, looking quite 'petite' amongst the 'Big Boys'

Two Choices, third from left, looking quite 'petite' amongst the 'Big Boys'

La Coruna is a busy but friendly city and is surrounded by beaches on all sides. We explored the city both on foot and with the bikes – however I’m afraid that I resorted to pushing the bike in the city centre rather than weave through the hoards of people and traffic. PT, on the other hand, was happy to take his life in his hands and stayed in the saddle most of the time! Brave or crazy? You decide!

The marina we chose was in the heart of the city and had reasonable facilities – the usual showers, laundry, water & electricity included and very helpful English-speaking staff in the office. Unfortunately, the marina wi-fi router was under-performing when we were there, so internet access was limited and the only good connection available was in the bar up the road. Given that three-quarters of the crew needed to book flights home (and research associated trains, buses and hotels), many beers were consumed in the process!



Eventually, Matthew organised himself with a flight from Vigo; Sue was planning to leave from Santander (5 hours away by bus) and PT was sorted out with a flight from Santiago to Edinburgh via Madrid the following week. However, no sooner had Sue bought and paid for her bus ticket, she got a text from a friend suggesting that she might like to take up an offer of a lift back to the UK on a 46ft Oyster departing from Baiona that very evening! Quick as a flash, she abandoned plans to have a relaxed couple of days in Santander and jumped in a taxi bound for the train to Vigo, all set to retrace her steps back across the Bay of Biscay! What a girl!

Early the next morning, Matthew also headed off, leaving the two of us to fend for ourselves! PT and I had a week before he was due to leave to go back to work, so we planned a leisurely cruise round to the west coast and to our ultimate destination for the time being of Portosin in Ria Muros. So far, Spain is good!


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