Of lists, piles & packing

12 May

The time for moving aboard is getting ever closer. We’ll be packing up a van in 10 days time & heading to Fleetwood where Two Choices is lying.

I’ve got lists of the lists I’ve made & need to make. There are strategically placed piles of gear, clothes, books and goodness knows what else all over the house and garage. Boxes are filling up nicely. New charts, pilots & C-maps have arrived 🙂

Lots of goodbyes have been said, with a few more still to be endured (I hate saying goodbye) 😦

Tomorrow sees the departure of Rodney & Bonkers to their new home. I feel like such a traitor but I’m sure they’ll be very happy, fickle creatures that they are. Much happier than living on a boat anyway!


One Response to “Of lists, piles & packing”

  1. grimmy May 26, 2009 at 9:13 pm #

    you will surprised what you can get into boxes.and what you can forget.not place for everythink.it sounds like youve both got a check on things.what a lot of s… people seam to surround there selves with not place on bord.end of that.sorry about my spelling have been in Denmark to long.ps sorry about the cats

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