Back to the beginning

12 Apr
Escapade at the Gael Force Series

Escapade at the Gael Force Series

Our journey began several years ago when the germ of idea surfaced….Give up work & go adventuring under sail!

We sold our much-loved Sadler 25, Knot Sure and bought another boat, Escapade, a Van de Stadt 34 and fitted her out for living aboard.  She was a lovely boat and, indeed, we had quite a few adventures in her, including bringing her back from Greece in 2004 & sailing to Norway in the 2006 North Sea Race.  However, after a couple of years, niggling doubts that perhaps she wasn’t the right boat for us grew, rather than dissipated.  We put Escapade on the market in October 2008, with the idea that, if she sold, we’d buy something a bit bigger & with more storage.  But we were clear that if she didn’t sell by the end of February, we’d get her ready to go as planned.

I was granted a sabbatical year, starting at the end of April 2009.  PT (I will call him that because he is known to some as Peter,  whilst others know him as Terry.  Nothing like making things complicated! ;))  The pipe dream was moving towards reality!

A few enquiries regarding Escapade came & went without any action but in mid-Feb we got a call from a chap in Denmark, with an acceptable offer, subject to survey!  He hadn’t even seen her but knew what he wanted!  Waiting for the survey was nail-biting but, in actual fact, the survey was excellent & the deal was done!

Panic stations!  We’d planned to set sail on 27 April from Lossiemouth & now we were boatless!

Frantic searches of the internet ensued… trips to the South coast, West coast of Scotland & Spain were undertaken…

We saw loads of boats, some very promising, some much less so.  But nothing that ticked enough of the boxes.

We had the details of a boat berthed near Lancaster.  We were getting rather despondent by this stage and decided that, although she was quite a bit bigger than we envisaged, we would make a detour to the North West of England on our way home from Spain.

We stepped aboard…..and we were in love! (with the boat!)


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